Medicine Reminders

Consider medicine reminders

There are a number of products that can be used to help your family member remember to take their medicines. These are helpful especially if there is no-one available to check on your family member through the day.

  • Electronic Medicine Reminder Pill Boxes can be set up to give a reminder alarm when it is time to take each medicine.

    Electronic pill boxes
    Electronic pill boxes
  • The ‘Cadex Medicine Reminder Watch’ has the date and time in large type on the watch face. It will give a reminder alarm and the name of the medicine will show on the watch face when the medicine needs to be taken.

    Cadex Medicine Reminder Watch
    Cadex Medicine Reminder Watch
  • The ‘Blue Phone’ is a phone that can be set up to remind your family member to take their medicines.
  • The ‘Careousel Automated Medicine Dispenser’ has a flashing light or alarm when medicine is due. The medicines are released from the Careousel by moving the inside section around to the opening and turning the unit upside down over their hand or into a bowl.


For more information contact Tab Timer or your nearest ILC (see section 5 for contact details) or talk with your local pharmacist.

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