Crushing Medicines

Please note: only certain medicines can be safely crushed, which is why it is always important to check with the doctor or pharmacist before crushing medicine.

Crushed medicines can be hidden in foods that your family member likes, such as porridge, yoghurt, or mashed vegetables. Don’t use sweet foods to hide the medicine in if your family member has diabetes.

To make this job easier you can buy a pill crusher. Talk to your pharmacy or local Independent Living Centre (see section 5 for contact details) about the best one to buy for your needs. View Image

Pill Crusher
Pill Crusher
  • Regularly check with your doctor that your family member still needs to take all of their medicines.

Some of the ideas suggested in this section might make it a little easier for you to look after medicines for your family member. You will know what will work best as you know your family member better than anyone else.

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